Good Wednesday! These last two days have been a real mess at home, and nothing like a good book has the power to make me relax. Though I prefer the English literature, I am passionate about the worldwide phenomenon of the moment, Divergent. Not wanting to tell the story, basically I can say that every human being belongs to a category, chosen according to personal inclination and choice., and of course the protagonist, like any hero with common sense, wants to decide and think for themselves. Well, i don’t know why but i believe that this is what fashion should do, and I also believe that this designer does it. He has been here on the TAG, but today it is back to present his Spring / Summer collection. Welcome back to Massimo Ardizzone

If you remember well, i was completely in love with his fall/winter 2014 collection, and I can say that this collection fascinated me, even if not in whole as the other. For Spring/Summer 2014, Mr Ardizzone has created a collection that aims to enhance the beauty and brightness of each woman through color, volumes and tissues. It’s animated by two different souls but in tune with each other: “Silver Couture” and “Softwear”. The first one is based on the effects of light and built with silvery reflections and volumes structured. the color of the silver dominates the scene and radiates optical white and gray in various shades, and helped him in his brilliance with embroidery and rhinestones transparent stones. The second one has as protagonists the volumes, that soft gliding gently on the body lines more closely and squeeze. Sensual play of transparency are given by the use of colored organza stripes, with peaks of romance, harmony and lightness data from the colors that soften, from pink to yellow. There is no shortage lurex jacquard-patterned diamonds, the georgette enriched by lace, multicolor flowers that attract all the colors of the theme, the Mikado and bouclé lurex. A second soul certainly more lively than the first, and perhaps much more in keeping with the season. 

Press Office: Maximilian Linz

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