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Elegant style just like a dancer… Tutù Jewels

Happy Monday! I hope you enjoyed your Sunday like i did, full of good and sweet things. Today i want to share with you a new brand i really like and appreciate: Le Ballerine – Gioielli in punta di piedi (The Dancers – Jewelry on tiptoe).

This italian brand is a part of the brand “Gioielli del Sole”, and it was founded by two brothers, Angelo e Gaetano Cardola. Their idea is to create unique jewelry, made ​​from passion and creativity, jewelry able to translate that passion into something wonderful.

Le Ballerine Jewelry are, in my opinion, a perfect synthesis of the concept of harmony, thanks to the harmonious shapes, graceful and at the same time plastics, typical of dance and dancers.

Everything from the name of the collection, Tutu, the poses of the dancers portrayed, expressing a world graceful, refined and very elegant. 

The collection is crafted down to the smallest detail, and it is composed of materials such as gold and precious stones pink and burnished gold with rubies and diamonds ( Precious), in white gold with diamonds (Blancnoir), and  silver with colored stones or with white sapphires (Silver).

This collection allows you to take a step into the world of dance, harmony and towards his quest for perfection, which these jewels guessed in full, and they are distinguished from the rest of the goldsmith’s craftsmanship and attention to tradition.

The dancers are four, such as four seasons that give them their name, accompanied by an adjective that tells an aspect of the female personality: WINTER delicate (i love winter for just an another reason now), graceful SPRING, SUMMER joyful, FALL romantic.

The style is something that can not be taught, as well as the perfection, but there are those approaches and center as their objective, as these jewels are capable of giving emotions and highlight the beautiful and sensitive side of each of us

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