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Elegance is an attitude with MaxMara

Good Saturday!!! I’m very thrilled because i’ll see my bf, Manu. She was with me since i was a teenager, and still now, she is the best person i know. Friendship is the most important thing to me, that’s all i can say to describe it. But talking about excellence, i just want to tell you what happened to me few days ago. I was walking round the city, and i came in front of MaxMara windows, and I was enchanted. MaxMara is one of the brands most sofisticatio in the panorama of Italian and international fashion. This brand exudes class in every garment, and with S/S 2014 collection it shows that the natural elegance is an attitude

Minimalism is the key-word: extended silhouettes, reigned in draping and utilitarian cuts, long buttonless coats in cashmere, slip dresses and pencil skirts with calf-length hemlines, relaxed fit trousers and boxy jackets in grey, cotton canvas and sheer fabrics: all mixed and created with streamlined elegance. White is the dominant color, so fresh and chic, but touches of light are given by the bright and vibrant colors like green and fuchsia. The air spring is given by the floral prints that cover delicate and sensual blouses. Honestly, I believe that it is one of the most beautiful collection, wearable and chic in circulation. Elegance is not just a string of pearls, or expensive clothes, fabulous accessories, but also a simple item of clothing, fine cut, made with the finest fabrics. And MaxMara is a leader in this 😉

Pictures: MaxMara

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