She is one of the most famous it-girls, she is on all the most important covers of fashion newspapers: Cara Delevingne is the new top-model.
She was Burberry Prorsum face, but also model for H&M, Zara and Chanel.
Just like Kate Moss, Miss Delevingne is a particular beauty, bushy eyebrows are her distinctive feature, but this british rose is something more…

Cara, besides passion for fashion and catwalks, really loves music world: if there is a music festival near your town, it’s possible that Miss Delevingne is there.
Her androgynous charm allows her to be able to wander in fashion, to switch between a punk rock style to a more sophisticated, just like on the red carpet of Cannes’ Festival, all very naturally and without losing her British style.
Denim, T-shirts with slogans or faces, leather jacket, boots, shoulder bag and a hat: this is typical outfit of Cara for everyday.

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