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Dress to impress… Nice things by Paloma S.

Let’s start the week with a smile. Happy Monday to everyone! Start a new week can be very hard, but during Christmas time I think the general atmosphere aid tempers.

I went back to basics: find brands that do not I do not know and today i want to share a brand that is very unique, smart, cool, perfect for Christmas parties and not only: Nice things Paloma S.

Brand was born in 1995, the creative spirit of Paloma Santaolalla and Miquel Lanna. After the first store in Barcelona, success has been continuous and has not stopped.

The clothes of this brand are designed for a woman’s versatile, elegant, seductive but not vulgar, clothes that exude optimism and procure a smile to those who wear them.

Between classic and modern lines, colors, high quality fabrics, patterns, little black dresses, femininity is explored at 360 degrees, interpreted according to new styles and different perspectives.

No longer a single woman of vision or fashion, but many facets, just like the female character. And for this reason, within the brand, you will find various collections: 
Miss Ostrich (a sophisticated collection in the colors nude, gray and pink, which includes fabulous evening dresses silk);

Victorian Flowers (inspired by pictures of Victorian women, femininity and contrasts harmonize well with each other, an interesting combination of silk, leather and tricot);

Winter Highlands ( a collection inspired by the 60s, in the stunning mountains of Saint Moritz and Aspen, a collection with a vintage flavor that moves between the colors blue and various shades of green, yellow, coral and pink. Be chic on mountains)

Nice Games ( particular grapjic design at the base of the collection, a big table with games: pieces of chess, dominos, Scrabble and poker, cards and numbers, all on clothes)

Here i show to you some pieces of Petite Robe Noire: elegante dresses that can inspire many of you for your holidays, and not only 😉

If you want to know, my favorite dress is the first of the post, i imagine it with nude heels, a shiny black clutch, and pearls. Do you like it?

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