Do you like Candy? Original bijoux by Caramella

Sometimes, accessories are the best way to express yourself or they are a good way to show something that is far from us. They can be a real surprise, because sometimes in their simplicity capture the attention of something much more elaborate.

This type of charm is is what distinguishes Caramella Bijoux from others. This pretty collection is part of Adam Bijoux it has seen the light in December 2012, a collection with a color palette of six colors. 

But the talent and originality have always been successful, and in this case, Caramella Bijoux has been a huge success, expanding throughout Italy,  but also in Austria and Germany.

Here I show you the products that the brand has sent us Team Landon, and I can tell you that the beauty of these products is that they both give brightness to what you wear and to yourself, thanks to the play of light and shadow.

They are extremely versatile because they are easy to match any type of outfit, from the most casual to more chic, but without being too pretentious.

I wanted to play with some of these products, combining with Calzedonia pants-leggings, blacks and glossy, and a t-shirt from French Connection, orange necklace and earrings with crystals blacks in dark blue with dark stones always within. 
Although an outfit from dark shades, I can assure you that it was “enlightened” by these accessories.

Inside each box, in addition to the bracelet, earring or necklace, you will find a candy combined with the piece you have purchased. 

A mouth-watering collection from every point of view. A very nice and original gift idea for Christmas. While writing this post, I ate two candy 😉

Other pieces of Caramella Bijoux

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