mercoledì, Marzo 3

Disco Fever

My personal countdown for LFW is started and you have no idea how i feel. Happy. Scared. Thrilled.

Yesterday, i started to create many outfits, sooner or later I will choose those that will remain with me, and while I was looking for a pair of shoes that I could help, I found on the internet something unexpected. A bit unexpected like when Bilbo Baggins finds the ring of power. I discovered Pedro Garcia, and for those of you who don’t know who it is, here’s some news: Pedro García is a family company in the shoemaking business. It’s sold in 36 countries at premier retail establishments, and the brand has a solid presence in the European, American and Asian markets. If you know me a little bit, you can understand why i like it. Boots. Many differents models, many textures, many ideas. A little paradise!
These fantastic boots are a mix of ideas that attract me: in fact, Pedro Garcia shoes have a line that is reminiscent of the old days but somehow manage to be ultra modern and up to date, it is appropriate to say, with the fashions of today. All creations are made in Spain, and every piece reflects all the spirit and the fashion of that country. If you don’t know, Spain is the country of Mango, Zara, Zazo&Brull, it’s a country full of sense of style. If you wanna know, i’m still here that I’m sighing seeing such great beauty.

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