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Design,style,elegance and luxurious pieces: Welcome to Whistles

Good morning girls and boys! C’mon, you have seen that I speak also of men’s fashion, and I promise that I’ll just make soon, there are interesting brand in the air, how could I let them escape?

Today, i just want to talk with you about a brand that will be in London for LFW, and that I follow passionately for a long time. 
Drumroll, please: ladies and gentlemen, It is an honor for me to present… WHISTLES!

Founded in London in 1978, this brand has now hit my heart back in 2004, when I went to London for the first time and by chance I found out, for its simplicity and for its sheer beauty. No frills, no excesses, away the superfluous: it creates clothing with clean lines, net, which wrap around the female body in its details.

The beauty lies in simplicity, in the pursuit of beauty, pure and simple. The beauty of the clothes should not obscure the beauty of women, but enhance it, to point out the best of what it has to offer. 

Spring/ Summer ’14 collection has a vision of androgynous woman, delicate without encroaching too much into the romantic, fabrics play with colors like pink, black and white, British racing green and metallic gray and fantasies details. 
Every pieces of the collection, as each creation of Whistles, is easy and laid back with an attention to detail and quality.

If you go on Wistles Website, you can find this description: “Whistles encapsulates an intelligent sense of design with interesting and luxurious pieces”, and i think that there is not better definition to describe it.

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