Hi guys!! Easter weekend is finally come, it’s cold outside ( and i’m very happy for it!!), and i’m ready to enjoy this time, specially because i’ll have time to plan my next travel to London! YES!!!! And just to stay in London, today a brand that reflects the British style and character. The collection that I show to you was created by a young woman graduate in jewellery design at the prestigious Central St. Martins in London, i introduce you Natasha ZinkoThis girl has a very unique sense of style and detail, an original fashion that it’s not easy to see around. 

For Spring / Summer 2014, Miss Zinko allowed herself to be inspired by the romantic atmosphere of the 18th century and bell flowers shape. Starting with a structured silhouette, thanks to the use of neoprene, the designer has created day dresses and cocktail dresses that seem to have petals that cover the skirts. Corsets are tight and emphasize the waist, making it harmonious with the rest of the dress. The clothes are reminiscent of the forms and the sweetness of Campanula, a romantic and delicate flower, which nascone surprising strength, innocent, a flower while being extremely simple has a special elegance.

The soft colors, such as pink reminiscent of the petals, go to join vibrant colors, as lilac, ochre, sky blue, navy, salmon, French grey and white with touches of black, striped fabrics, fabrics squared, lace. French lace, silk and cotton organza contribute to create a multilayer effect. So, this collection is a mixture of delicacy and hidden strength, poetry and color in an outfit. I’m in love with Natasha Zinko style!!!! ( When i’ll be in London in Sptember, i’ll go to see her store in Maddox Street).

Pictures: Pop Pr Uk

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