venerdì, Marzo 5

Day of surprises

Sexy or romantic? Classic or bold? Here, this question was answered this afternoon by Missoni and Versace. And considering I’m not a fan of both brands, It’s absurd the fact that I’m talking about it here.

But when i was young, i have learned the meaning of “never say never”. You know me, generally i talk about what i love, I do not tell every day what happens during the fashion weeks, perhaps because I am involved in such events, I find it rather boring to repeat myself. But, what can I do if this year the designers have decided to make fun of my beliefs?! I’ve never loved a lot of Missoni, its fantasies, its lines, all those colors: sometimes I’ve seen really exasperating. But this afternoon I realized that I have never seen clothes so elegant and perfect in their simplicity. There was so much color, but for some reason, this time I have seen a harmony. And you can take my word, because I do not have contact with the brand, nor i amnot “its”fashion blogger. And what about Versace? Apart from a few exceptions, I always considered rather vulgar, I obviously did not think so when there was Gianni Versace. But still today, a day of surprises, even Versace amazed me. Forget about transparency, but there was real beauty on the catwalk: haute couture, contrasts, necklines, bright dresses that caught your attention, and all without the slightest trace of vulgarity or excess. At one point I thought, “I dream or i am wide awake?”


Pictures: Missoni/Versace –

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