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Cyrus- Richardson: unexpected, winning duo

Just like many people in the world, i’ve watched the new video of Miley Cyrus. I really appreciated the song, very intimate, very sincere, very moving, and when i discovered that director of the video was Terry Richardson, i said “uaoo!”. I consider him a genius, a real master of photography. But come back to Miss Cyrus.
Everyone consider her too raunchy in her performances, in her video, and maybe that’s true. But she is not a girl anymore, she is a little woman or, just like Britney sings, She’s not a girl but not yet a woman.
And just like Miss Spears and Christina Aguilera, Miss Cyrus pays the fact that she was a Disney Girl.

Be a Disney Girl is a real problem, because Disney wants and share an unreal version of girls: perfect, always smiling, and asexual.

So when this girls grow up, they are real girls, and show everything, also raunchy moves. I don’t say it’s right, but it’s also no right what Disney does.
Miss Spears sang Oops i did it again, everyone said she was starting to go away; when Miss Aguilera sang Dirty, omg, chaos broke out.
Vanessa Hudgens showed a sensual style to distance from the perfect-girl image of Disney.

Miley Cyrus is doing the same thing: she was a girl who played Hannah Montana on screen, but she was not and she is not Hannah Montana: She is Miley, a singer, an actress, a person who makes choices, sometimes questionable, but maybe finally she is herself, like Britney and others Disney girls.

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