COS collection…Easy is chic

It’s considered the luxury side of H&M, and may be true,but COS, Collection of style, has nothing to envy to the most famous low-cost brand.

COS is famous for its continuous explore the style and fashion, highlighting timeless design that lives beyond the season.

Merging traditional methods with new techniques and innovative fabrics, COS creates clothing apparently BASIC but in fact essential and pure. Just like the last fall/winter 2013 collection.

This collection highlights the femininity, nd it does so in the details.

The clothing’s structures turn from being very plain to have some complex cuts and volumes that vary from the straight dresses and the pencil skirts to the egg-shape.
One-shoulder tops, straight trousers and sculptured coats: these are the chiefs of the collection

The colors’ palette is sophisticated and elegant: the shades of dark green, blue, black and grey, but  the monocolor dominates.

Collection is sophisticated and apparently rigorous, but if you go beyond the first glance, you realize that it is much more

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