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Conceptual, sporty-chic fashion by Fatima Val

Good Morning guys! A new day has come, and just like other days, i’m busy! You can say “What is the news?”, oh well, me and Team Landon are working on a project, and i hope that everything will be fine, but waiting for that moment, you can understand how i’m thrilled!

During Fashion Weeks, it’s easy listening names of great and famous brand, you expect more from them, but by participating in a fashion week, I can assure you that many promising young designers just wait to be discovered. In them, there is much more energy, creativity and style than you can imagine. This is the case of Fatima Val

The collection of this ex model said “Bye bye austerity”, with clothes extremely versatile, softened by touches of bright colors and a sport -conceptual allure. The basic idea of the collection is that of a strong woman who goes in the fashion world, breaking the patterns between male and female, a woman looking for a new style of abandoning the old rules of fashion.

 The sweatshirt has lost its classical connotations and it is reinterpreted, taking on a tone more urban-chic. Oversize volumes , cuts and movements are emphasized by the play of material and colour. The typical colors of winter, such as bronze, silver, black and gold, are mixed in brilliant detail of Swarovski. Strong and iconic pieces of the collection are coats, presented with inlaid fabric or with fur in extremely modern cuts, and fur with graphic detail for stylish military and sport inspired overcoats.

Bye bye “old woman”: it’s time to dare, to play and give a new way to a strong, contemporary, cosmopolitan woman, giving new life to the concept of fashion and style. Just Fatima Val did.

Pictures: Maximilian Linz Press Office

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