giovedì, Luglio 29

Colors and stripes

“Cris, what are u wearing!?!?!?”, my mother screamed to me. What lovely woman.

Few days ago, i spent quality time with my family. I love stay with them, specially my cousins and aunties, Many of them live in other cities, but when we’re together it’s really a celebration. For that occasion, i don’t know why, and believe me when i say it, to change my standard outfit for this kind od occasions. Goodbye jeans and Converse, welcome skirt and heels. I’ve shocked everybody, my little cousins too. In my mind only one thing :oh, c’mon, you have seen me with little black dress and others, what’s the problem with a skirt?!?! I confess that it was quite a bit of time that I wanted to wear this outfit. It’s simple outfit, played on several levels, with semi trasparent skirt. But do we want to mention the fact that I wear high heels? You have the proof, i can’t hide from this. Ahhhhh, what’s happening? A revolution? Bah, i don’t know but even if my mother didn’t like the mix of colors (and she said it aloud and without regret), i like this outfit. It’s a side of me i didn’t know. Welcome (new) girl.

Pictures: The Auburn Girl / Samsung Galaxy S Duos
My outfit:
Calliope skirt and tshirt
Accessorize rings and necklace
Mango (Killer) Shoes

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