Ohh, two days of London Fashion Week and i am so happy and tired. I met two funny and incredible girls, i interviewed one of them for Quotidianomime.com and when i’ll come back to Italy, you have my word i’ll write everything, but in the meantime don’t miss my articles about LFW, stay tuned! Well, Yesterday afternoon, after a fashion show and waiting for the next one, i remember i received an invitation to a party. So if you receive an invitation, do you say no? Of course you say yes!!

The party was at the Somerset House, planned by BFC, for the movie CInderella. Oh girls, it was a dream. You know, everyone, in the deep of the heart, loved Cinderella during childhood, or like me this feeling lasts even right now. There was all: the glass slipper, the magnificent costumes of the film and fashion designer, Sandy Powell, many drinks (at a party, they just can not miss, especially if the outside temperature is -2 degrees), jewelry, and one of the sisters, in actually a very sweet and nice, Sophie McShera. Unfortunately, Richard Madden was not there, but I consoled myself by making a picture with his poster. Better than nothing. Ohhhh, he is so lovely ( ok now i stop!). What i wore? A vintage fur coat buyed in astore few years ago in Italy, Caramelle  Necklace ( if you don’t see it it’s just cause of the light too strong),  Tally Weijl Pants and Pink Bluse, and H&M bag. Tomorrow, an another day of fashion week, an another outfit, but the rain/cold and a little bit of sun are always with me. Love u!



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