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Charm from Far East – Nir Lagziel

Happy Monday girls!!! This is the second day of summer, a crazy hot it is outside my window and I’m here I have to decire what to pack. Ahhhhh, choose the outfits to wear is a crazy thing! How can I decide what to wear it 48 hours prior to 48 hours after, whereas I change my mind at the last every time!? Well, It’s certain that with the collection of this designer probably would not have problems. it is with pleasure that I show you the collection of Nir Lagziel.

An east wind animates the spring / summer collection: in fact, from the land of the Rising Sun, the designer takes inspiration for his clothing, the idea of the kimono is taken for creating tshirts and clothing so as to create a slim silhouette , snug and sensual. A certain geometry and order are denoted by the precious linen trousers and skirts. The precious materials such as linen, bamboo and silk yarn bring to mind the sweet and lovely oriental nuances, mixed with natural pigments to create colors like green, coral and purple. Intense shades in their delicacy. It might seem at first glance the classic collection that draws heavily from Japanese culture, and maybe it is, but it is undeniable harmony of the senses, shapes and colors that you see. Perhaps a hint of urban more would have made this collection less ethereal, but closer to the metropolitan style of Milan today, but the oriental charm is appreciated, always and everywhere.

Pictures: Studio Zini Press Office

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