giovedì, Ottobre 22

Casual glam style by Gil Santucci First

T.G.I.F! I think Katy Perry has guessed the song, practically the anthem milion people every Friday. While time is running out, I still have not begun to make the case for London: ok, I start on Thursday, but we know that we women are very, very complicated to make the case. But c’mon, it’s time to fashion, forget this nonsense.

Yesterday, i had the pleasure of discovering a new brand that meets my personal taste, personally I always wear it the whole collection of … GIL SANTUCCI FIRST

The collection, for Spring/Summer 14, has a strong style, rock, gritty, just as I like it, and it consists of iconic pieces, easily mixable with other clothing. The basic idea is the typical “on the road” on the legendary Route 66, in the U.S.A: mestizo leather jackets, t-shirts from light graphic symbolism and fancy sneakers ( i’ll show you those fantastic creations again, I promise!) are the pieces that “split” and that makes the collectin captivating and cool.

Heads Stone Washed and laser printing, alternating with floral prints, create almost a tie-dye effect. The color palette is in perfect harmony with the style of rock and with the typical colors that recall the spring temperatures: colors like bright red, violet, white, blue, and neutral colors make it appealing all the pieces.

This collection of Gil Santucci offers a touch of modernity combined with the best tradition of Italian craftsmanship. I do not know if you love the casual-glam, like me, but this style combined with a touch of rock is what you should never miss in your closet, a passe-partout for every occasion

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