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Bon Ton Shoes with Eva Turner

Good Wednesday! I don’t know why, bur this picture you see above remember me my  lovely Alessandra when we talk about shoes. Her eyes are bright everytime, just like me when i talk about bags. So, i can imagine all of you, shoes-addicted when you’ll see this collection. I discovered this brand accidentally, thanks to G.A.R.B.O. Press, and i have to admit I also have eyes in the shape of heart when I see this collection. I would like to have a big wall full of these shoes! It’s with pleasure i present you Eva Turner

Graziano Mazza is the designer behind the name, and he thought what women want, so he created a bon ton collection for Spring/Summer 2014.  Like a modern Cinderella, woman who wear Eva Turner’s shoes wants pretty and comfortable shoes, damn chic and with a subtle elegance that appeals to anyone. Who needs The Prince Charming if you have the right pair of shoes?! Shoes are made using the finest leathers in the colors more vivid, to dance and celebrate throughout the summer. heels are thin and very feminine design.

but what is really the highlight of the collection is the pattern woven leather ( i’m completely in love with black-and-white ankle boots!!!) made in all shades of natural colors and a fresh look. And if you love ballerinas and decollete, you can find many colored versions, as light green, sand, yellow and orange. There’s something for all tastes!
Son’t miss this chances to be double C: chic and cool

Pictures: G.A.R.B.O. PRESS

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