venerdì, Giugno 18

Big, big, big bags

Alexander McQueen
Toc, toc, it’s arrived postman. I think that it can be the perfect motto for the season.

Follow my reasoning. All women, including me, pretend to have a few things to bring, in reality in a woman’s bag is possible to find an entire eco-system. It does not matter if the world does not understand why we have to have with us the powder, lipstick, the smartphone, a compact digital camera (the camera is really too much), a mirror for the finishing touches, house keys, money and credit cards, and more, more, and more. So big bags are better than a clutch cause you can have with you all you need (and also what you don’t need), it’s not bulky as a big bag to carry on the shoulder. The color, the material of which it is made, the details, are precisely details. For example, for my my ideal outfit – white midiskirt, croptop black, black&white chelsea boots, green coat and Zanellato POSTINA® ( the only one POSTINA is made by italian brand Zanellato) burgundy bag. But other kinds of big bags are available, you can choose what you like, as the Chloè Bag: denim, black croptop and wedges woth a beige trench coat. Do you like the idea?

A small part of the world in motion. Just like a woman’s purse. 

Anya Hindmarch
POSTINA® Zanellato 

Bottega Veneta

Pictures: Tumblr

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