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Best outfits – sales time on French Connection

It seems that the “sales fever” has reached the limit, I see many girls and boys peer into the shop waiting for the magic word, SALE, exposed, Espying accessory or item of clothing that you want for a long time. The personal shopper in me often can not resist, if I see someone buy something they like but that is wrong, arghh, I can not shut up, I say my opinion and then I also say what would look good to the person in front of me. Just yesterday, a girl was torn between two different types of pants. Fantasy, patterns, colors, were different, and what have I done? I said “I’m sorry if I’m intruding, but these colors you would be far better than these, enhance the color of your skin.” She thanked him and took the pants I suggested. These are SATISFACTION! Although I am always afraid that someone send me to fuck off for not having done my own business.

Well, having a blog about fashion and lifestyle is normal even receive messages asking for help on what to buy during the sales period, the pieces “must” that must not fail, seasonal trends, the model of jeans that are better, such as enhance their curves, and I must admit that I love to receive these emails, anced whenever it is like to face a new challenge, having to discover a new world to help someone else, whether it be a dress du is a personal opinion. Having a direct line to the London fashion / English, it is normal to feel or ask to have emails from that island that fascinates me so much, and it is normal that I was specializing in brand British. Among the many that I recommend most, there is definitely French Connection. I suggest this brand to many readers of the blog because I find it unique: clean lines, this brand offers a crazy amount of clothes and accessories for all tastes, and although they may seem a little boring at first glance, enough to search a little deeper to discover a colorful world made ​​of iconic pieces and trends. is the spirit that interests me, not only the quality of the fabrics, but also the idea that they want to communicate, and to me this brand communicates three things: safety, quality, and pleasure. I have selected for you some idea to buy outfits, a mix of clothing and accessories that should not be missed, there are accessories in their own right, and complete outfits such as those of the first images. Oh, by chance, I have forgotten to say that the sales have already started on French Connection?

Pictures: French Connection Website

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