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Last month, i shared with all of you my personal “best of” music, movies, books. Many of you appreciated the post so i decided to share with you the best of September.

Books: i’m reading 44 Scotland Street. I really like it because it’s very different from other books i’ve just read. A strange theft,many stories perfectly combined together, and only one narrative voice, Pat; after every page, you have the possibility to discover something new about her, about the others around her.
The Mortal Instruments: i like fantasy books, and this is a very good saga, if only it were better written. The eternal fight between good and evil, a love almost impossible, a hidden world and so much action. A good reading. ( i have to read the fouth book).

Books in waiting: M. Gramellini – L’ultima riga delle favole; G.R.R. Martin – The Chronicle of ice and fire – A dance of dragons (I fuochi di Valirua, italian title).
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Rupert Everett in Hysteria

Maggie Gyllenhaal and Hugh Dancy in Hysteria

I went to the cinema to watch Rush, a movie by Ron Howard. I love F1, ever since i was a child, i’ve been a supporter of Ferrari, and i’m still today, and yes, i think Alonso is the best driver.
I liked the movie because everyone, also who is not a supporter of this sport, can fell the magic of a race, the fight between two excellent drivers like Niki Lauda and James Hunt. Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Brühl made perfectly on the screen the antagonism and the characters of the two drivers: Hunt was impulsive, playboy, bon vivant and a little bit crazy, but he drove with passion; Lauda was clever, attentive to every detail, brilliant in his way to work.
Both of them were disowened by families; both of them had to show that they “could do”; both of them respected each other.

I saw also other two movies, Hysteria and Le Prenom ( i recommend it to everyone). The last one is very brilliant, with clever and fast dialogues, great characters that have allowed the film to be a real success and win Cesar.
Hysteria is a simple movie but Rupert Everett, Hugh Dancy and Maggie Gyllenhaal make it exciting, sagacious and interesting. And i think that Rupert Everett is a good reason to watch all movie ( i remember The Wedding of my bestfriend: thanks to him, I laughed a lot).

Movies in waiting: The Bling Ring by Sofia Coppola, The Invisible Woman by Ralph Fiennes (BFI-London Film Festival); Freedom Writers by Richard LaGravenese

Cast of Le Prenon

Niki Lauda and James Hunt
Music: You know what i think about music, i use  the words of a video of 30 second to Mars, Closer to the Edge: “the music makes the world go around… Music is everything to me, that’s all i can say”.
Thank to a unknown man (but he is not so bad if he listens to this music), i discovered a london group,The BlackWhite.
I can described this group and their sounds: indie sound with a wealth of post-rock, basic double entries (they really do vibrate the heart),the guitar sound is well defined, a mix of sweetness and measured power: listen All of your voices , Cut through the middle 

If you want love, romanticism and good sound, listen the last album of John Legend. I can tell you only this: pure poetry accompanied by a sweet sound, especially for song like All of me, Caught up or Made to love. If you want something different, listen to  Sundae – Flashback: good for every moment you need energy, a catchy sound and nothing hurt.

ps. James Morrison with ” I won’t let you go”: it is the typical song that comes into your head and it will not go away…

Music in waiting: ALL!

The BlackWhite Group

John Legend

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