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Best of October and who we are

I have noticed that in recent posts, i have talked about Team Landon, and many readers have asked to me “who is Team Landon?”.
So today, i share with you some secrets about us. 😉

I want to start with the woman who helps me every single day, she searches and finds new brands, she is a PR but specially she is a fighter and great woman. Her name is Alessandra, PR’s terror. She loves fashion, just like me, but we have different styles and i really like it, because we find everytime a common vision, that’s great!
She is really able with make-up, as you can see in this pics and she has a very good taste when it talks about Accesories. I asked to her to describe herself for this post, read what she says about herself:
Ale with her Halloween Makeup

“I am what I am … I love my transformations but I am always myself! I’m a dreamer who likes to travel with open eyes”

And now, i should talk about me, Cris Landon, founder, writer, dreamer. I’m not able to describe myself, i can tell you i always help people around me cause i feel good when i do it.
I love unconditionally music, i have never passed a day without a sound,I begin the day with the rhythm of the drums, the melody of a piano, the energy of a well-played guitar; i collect and read books since i was 4.

I started to write very soon, i was 4 years, if i remember well; when i was 8, my parents and i had a house at a seaside resort, and then I have created my first newspaper with all the local news for the inhabitants. I have always said i want to be a journalist, and i work for this reason every day.

I’m 24, right now, and i feel that something is changing for me, and i’m scared, cause it’s normal, but i like it, because if something changes, everyone can grow up.

My passion for fashion?Next time, i promise 😉
But i don’t want to break the tradition of writing every month what I read, I listen, I see. So, now all my best of October!

Books: for the hundredth time, i read Pride and Prejudice (i’m Austen’s fan), and i’ve started A Dance with Dragons of George R.R. Martin.
Books in waiting: Gramellini (just like last month),Frankestein of M.Shelley (for a project), A night in Paris of N.Barreu (thanks to Gramellini’s article).

Music: Halcyone Days byEllie Goulding (i sing Burn every moment of the day); Fisico e politico byL.Carboni; Hey Brother byAvicii; Rush OST by Hans Zimmer; What makes a good man, Curse me good by The Heavy (honestly i listend to all album); The Electric Lady by Janelle Monàè; Give me love by Ed Sheeran.
Music in waiting: all (i accept all the suggestions)

Movies: All crazy for Rose by  Régis Roinsard; Freedom writers by Richard LaGravenese; A royal Affair by  Nikolaj Arcel ( i was too curious to watch Mads Mikkelsen’s interpretation).
Movies in waiting: The Graduate by Mike Nichols; Captain Philips by  Paul Greengrass; Thor,The Dark World by Alan Taylor ( i’m a fan of Marvel. Forgive me!)

Stay tuned to discover other stories and members of #TeamLandon

My outfit: Leather Jacket by Terranova, Tshirt by Zara, Hat by Tally Weijl, Trouser by Calliope, Vintage Sunglasses by Rayban, Ring by Le Metissage by Diala Kante

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