giovedì, Ottobre 29

Best of London Fashion Week 2014

Hello Guys! Your Auburn Girl is back! Forgive me for my absence, but London Fashion Week has been busy, interesting, terribly exciting, and unfortunately i have not had the time to write here for you what happend during those days. It was my first Fashion Week, and honestly, i was tired at the end of each day, but happy, because i was there, in the city i love, London, and i was doing what i just want to do in my life, fashion journalist.

I’d be lying if I said that it was easy, because it wasn’t, but the great spirit of London gave me energy enough to do everything. I met very sweet, crazy and funny people, and everyone was incredible stylish, in many different ways.

The fact is that in London there is not judgement for what you wear, you can dare, you can try many different style and you can be yourself, and this is not always possible in Italy.
I saw many young and cool designers at Wolf & Badger presentation, at The Savoy Hotel, Many designers proposed accessories with innovative design, crisp and absolutely glam. Nothing of what you’ve seen around resembles the beauties presented.

Thanks to Wolf & Badger for this incredible occasion! At the end of article, you can find other examples od street style, or british style, photographed at The Somerset House, the House of Fashion, i can say.

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