Best of Britain Collection: this is the name choosen by Marks and Spencer to celebrate the “importance of be British”.
In selected stores, winter collection marks the launch of a three year partnership between British Fashion Council and M&S.

The collection is composed by 34 pieces, that include full of timeless pieces in a palette of neutrals and monochrome, with touch of hot pink.
100% lambswool cable knit jumpers, silk blouses, the charcoal wide leg trousers and wool skirts: all clothing suitable for cool mix and match.

M&S decided to celebrate british fine textile heritage with cloths from Yorkshire and Cheshire, outerwear from Manchester and footwear made in Northamptonshire.

It focuses on true British craftsmanship and quality, for this reason all garments are made in Britain from fancy fabrics, with a focus on fine finishes and attention to detail.

Prices start from just £39.50, but , M&S have crafted a premium collection with genuinely accessible pieces that even the strictest of shoppers can find excuse to invest in.

If you like tweed, coats, trench coat, tartan and British style, it’s your chance to shop. Don’t miss it! 

Fashion is coming to Britain, also with M&S.

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