Good Friday! In these last days, my mind has a soundtrack fixed, G.U.Y. by Lady Gaga. Have you present when a song gets in your head and you hardly comes out? Whatever you do, it’s there, also when you look a new collection. It’s the case of latest collection of Chicca Lualdi. Listen Gaga song while you’ll see here the collection. I accindetally founded this brand, Chicca Lualdi – BeeQueen, i’m a lucky girl 😉
Although it seems a very adult collection, it has in it a freshness and youthfulness innate, it seems made for young women, sophisticated, feminine yet contemporary, sexy, delicate and dynamics, wearing clothes with confidence and face life with courage. The dominant color is white, usually a symbol of purity, but here proposed as a source of strength throughout its ability to capture and reflect light.

The purity of lines and volumes, precise but softened by a touch of softness in the lines of the sleeves and delicate ruffles, dresses that soften or volumes of small pea coats, harmonizes perfectly with the soft colors used. 
The texture in the network, the detail of habit and modern hint of femininity, gives a sensual tone to the general mood. The fabrics are alternated all’organza and habutai silk Mikado or print – a print that is perfectly balanced between the lines and colored inlays staggered,and the pattern is repeated through embroidery that create new games and intertwining lines. This spring collection bring on the fashion scene a new concept of grace, sophisticated, but that conceals something intriguing and fascinating. The apparent simplicity of the clothes do not be fooled: a closer look it is possible to note a charm gently expressed. A collection perfect for a big city or for a pretty seaside town, for day and night. An applause, in Gaga style, for Chicca Lualdi 😉

P.s. yes, i fell in love with the whole collection

Pictures: Maximilian Linz

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