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Beauty tips – TOUCHE ECLAT saves your face

There are products, inventions, which have marked the history. When the mascara was invented, it was a revolution. And what about the shadows? Recent decades have seen the emergence of revolutionary products in the cosmetic field as the primer, the base which makes it perfect makeup, and BB Cream, one cream that works with most makes perfect skin, so they say. But I believe that nothing has been as revolutionary as useful as the Touche Eclat, it makes the skin radiant, perfect, clean, pristine, better than photoshop.
Do you have this perfect skin Cara Delevingne in advertising? A gesture and your face is ready and perfect. 

You may also exit without apply make-up. During the summer, during which use the makeup may seem like a torture, this product is highly essential to correct large or small with very little skin imperfections. In addition, during the summer, it is easy to sleep a little, and this product gets rid of any dark circles and revitalizes your skin. Ah, what a genius was Yves Saint Laurent! But if this product, for some, can not do miracles here’s some helpful advice to make your skin look better in the morning before the maekeup:

A hydrating eye cream will reduce the risk of your concealer caking or collecting in any fine lines, and act as a primer for makeup.

Pick a peach tone concealer

When you’ve got the colour-correcting tones nailed, make sure you select the right shade. Use a concealer shade that is one or two shades lighter than your foundation as it helps lighten the darkness that appears under the eye.

Use Touche Eclat in the T-zone (between the two eyebrows, nose, chin), under the eyes and where there are other imperfections.
Press the concealer on with your ring finger to gently blend it. That should see you avoiding some of these common concealer mistakes and don’t forget to take the concealer along the side of the bridge of your nose. 

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