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Beauty tips – Goodbye Cellulite!

Good Sunday nice ladies!!! I hope you enjoyed your weekend with more fun. Well, i decided to spend some time at the beach, and you have no idea what i saw. Nice bikinis, beautiful men ( so many!!! UAO) and…much, much, too much, too much cellulite. OMG! I thought the biggest problem was to have a flat stomach, I was wrong I never more than that, you have no idea how many women and even some men, have cellulite. I was shocked! So, my good spirit and my desire to remedy have taken over, and today, I show you the best products anticelellulite in the world. For those of you who do not know the cellulitis is a serious problem, not just a cosmetic problem, but something really harmful.

Besides the products that I show you here, you may want to exercise, drink lots of water and have healthier diet as much as possible. It’s necessary to also understand that there are products that are “miracles”, but there are products that revitalize the skin and play a draining of stagnant fluids. What is cellulite? Cellulite is a skin blemish that is manifested by the appearance of holes in the famous orange peel, and it indicates the increase in the volume of fat cells, which is an accumulation of fat in specific areas of the body and circumscribed as the thighs, the buttocks and hips. 

After swimming in salt water, the skin becomes softer and smoother and not only because of tanning. The salt from the outside it makes a good anti-cellulite action, while inside contributes to its formation. So the best products, there are certainly those based on sea salts and algae, as well as sludge, which help to eliminate accumulations of water, thanks to the effect draining.
Another substance that acts against cellulite is caffeine, which improves the appearance of cellulite, that increases blood flow, and eliminates the liquid in the cells of the skin and reducing the fat. 
Most of the products presented here act on the basis of two characteristics of which I have spoken above. Well, while not promising miracles, these products will act on your skin, but it is good that you know that it is well to use them throughout the year, two or three times a week. A hot shower will help aprie pores, use scrubs or product you prefer, you massaged vigorously and then you rinse it all away with cold water.
Now, you have no more excuses 😉

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