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“Elegance is the only beauty that never fades”, and i think that a woman as Audrey Hepburn was perfectly right. But if you want to be more “elegant” So why not use the right makeup to give just the right touch more?

I don’t know how Audrey has been a fan of Chanel but surely Audrey Hepburn was a person very, very elegant. I have always admired the design of Chanel makeup, I find it extremely chic without being snobby, simple. There are new colors and trends but Chanel always remains true to itself. For the next Fall, as you can see in this pictures, French label has focused on nude shades mixed with the most intense plum: mother of pearl, purple and fuchsia intense are combinations for make-up that are proposed in the Etats poétiques n the form of nail polish, eye shadow, lip gloss and lipsticks. Six new colors, all shades mostly cold, make their appearance: Sensation IvoryPalpitation, Admiration, Exaltation, Hesitation, PulsionFor someone like me who loves lipstick, shades of pink and are a must for anyone who is a fan of glazes invce Chanel, well girls, get ready: three colors that evoke shades of lipsticks and eye shadows, as Atmosphere, Secret Nude, Orage. All that remains is to choose a shade of pink or purple best suited to our skin to be ready to conquer the cold season as we won the summer.

Pictures: Chanel Make Up Official

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