Beauty tips – 3D Lips

Oh Kiss me! Do you remember one of Dawson’s Creek Song? Oh, i sang so many times that song. How many times have we sung this song?

How many times you have looked at a guy and thought “oh please, kiss me”? I confess that I like any other girl in the world I thought about it, but not having voluminous lips I can not do the “pout to the French.” A few days ago, I was around to take a look on Google Plus and Kiko Cosmetic provided me with a solution, and as I had not voluminous lips, I think it is a perfect solution. Look Degradé or 3D Liips. With this technique, the lips undergo a sort of plumping effect that also accentuates the lips thinner or slightly pronounced. Five steps and your lips will be like new and without cosmetic surgery. Yay! 
It’s all a game of shadows, outlines, and different levels of color, and of course a touch of gloss to finish. Step by step, your lips will change. After the primer for the lips, define the lip contour with a special pencil. After, you need to draw a thick line inside the lips, overlapping the color to the previous one. Used in the remaining empty your lips a lighter color than the previous two. You now have a mix of three colors: good, sfumateli all three, the one with the other with a brush, to obtain a homogeneous color. To give a touch ulterio 3D, apply the lip gloss not only along the central part, but also along the edges. You will have perfect lips, I assure you! If it can help, KIKO products are great for this make up.