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Beauty Sunday- tips, ideas and more

Good Sunday! After a full week of work and stress, Sunday may be the day in which to take care of yourself, relax.
Each of us is relaxing in a different way, there are those who love the music, who the books, those who prefer a nice hot bath. It is not just mind to have to relax, but also the body. The skin easily undergoes stress that we suffer, so if every day you can not do it, at least on Sundays.

First of all, cleanse your skin! A nice warm bath and lots of hot water on his face, for delitare the pores, and then off with the scrubs, body and facial treatments. Eliminate stress, smog, the Institute with a nice massage and scrub, then you will feel yourself much better.
I prefer, for the body, the salts of the Dead Sea by Bottega Verde. Delicate, fragrant but not too much, they are extremely effective, they act to cleanse the skin thoroughly and in depth

Facials, scrubs and masks Nivea is the best. For a cleaner and effectiveness, I recommend to you to use them in the following order: first one with the purple bag, then the blue, then the green and finally the yellow one
After the scrub, nourish the skin as you can, cuddle it, it moisturized, you can choose oils and creams, the choice is wide. I prefer the oils, they are more effective and are immediately absorbed by the skin, unless they are not quite scarce, rarely leave traces of grease

Whatever product you choose, choose the one that is best suited to your skin, you, and what you feel you can pamper more. At the end of this little beauty treatment, you will feel yourself regenerated, relaxed and ready to face another week.

For faces, here are some excellent creams, effective, gentle, non-greasy, lightly scented

Ps don’t foeget your lips 😉

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