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Beauty review – Waterproof Mascara

Hello girls and good Sunday! It seems the sun has finally appeared in the sky, and maybe perhaps there is a chance that today i go to the beach … Do you remember the post of the past week when I told you my first time at sea this year? Well, I do not know if I told you that, for the summer, I give up to makeup often, but sometimes I find it hard to give up an emollient lip gloss and mascara. But as for the first, the choice does not involve any problem, the choice of the second is rather arduous. Cause , finding the perfect waterproof mascara is not easy, because not all of them are really waterproof. But thanks to some advice I have selected some perfect for all of you.

Compared to traditional products the waterproof mascara is ideal for addressing the summer because in addition to keep perfect even after long baths withstand high temperatures and sweat. What makes the waterproof mascara is its formulation. The mascara long-lasting, than normal, contains resins that wrap the hair of your lashes and makes them “waterproof”. Simple to apply, but complicated to remove, these products are not eliminated with a simple detergent, but must use a makeup remover gel or better yet to oily base, maybe a biphasic, which is composed of an aqueous phase and an oily. The waterproof will give you a very natural look limited only to separate and lengthen lashes: all because of the different formulation: the volumizing are creamier, the waterproof, due to the resins they are made, are more fluid, and almost never fail to ensure fullness and volume. You can not want it all! Unfortunately, the perfect product does not exist! From low cost brand such as Rimmel Kiko Cosmetics at up to brand “luxury” such as Dior, Lancome and Givenchy, the choice is wide and all products are of excellent quality. You just have to choose the one most suitable for you, apply mascara on your lashes and enjoy the summer 😉

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