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Beauty Experience – Mirtillosa Cream By Neve Cosmetics

Good morning girls!! Did you see that beautiful sky there this morning? So clear, so nice, ahh get the urge to go for a swim!! In the last two weeks, I used the cream with a brand which collaborates TAG: Neve Cosmetics. I could talk to you as soon as the cream of the pack had come with it, but I would have to talk to you about something you did not know, in fact I would have lied to you. Instead, after two weeks of use, I can tell you my experience. Today i talk with you about Mirtillosa Cream.

This Italian brand has produced this moisturizer for the body, a cream that acts in depth, and that effectively moisturizes even the driest of skins. It is composed of Shea Butter Creamy, rich in argan oil and toning extract juicy blueberries, the three elements exert a highly nourishing to the skin, making the skin soft and pleasantly scented. Its precious herbal ingredients also does not damage the skin, in fact, the cream does not contain harmful elements such as silicones, petrolatum, parabens and free of animal components. These features for people like me who has sensitive skin is very important, because there are elements that be to undermine the natural PH of the skin. Although I prefer oils for body creams, I must say that this cream I was amazed because not sticky, it is rapidly absorbed by the skin, and the flavor is delicate and sweet. After two weeks, used every day after showering, mirtillosa cream left my skin smooth and fragrant scent that lasts 24H. And it is not fat, it’s nice to spread on the body even during the hot summer months. I recommend it, and if you’re curious, take a look at the other creams skincare line of Neve Cosmetics.

Pictures: Canon Eos 1100 D

Pictures: Neve Cosmetics

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