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Be proud of be a woman, with Marta Ferrari Collection

Good Morning!! Are you ok? Have you seen how many fine collections have been presented in New York? Personally, I love the collection of Carolina Herrera, Victoria Beckham and Jason Wu. Simply sublime!

And talking about nice collection and style, today i just want to talk with you about a talented, young, italian designer. It’s day of Marta Ferrari! 

This young woman has collaborated in Paris with the creative team of Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy, and next, in Milan at the office of the designer style and product Tomaso Stefanelli. She was followed by a Master in Brand Marketing at the Institute Marangoni, in Milan. What incredible woman!

I appreciate the style of this creative genius because Miss Ferrari is one of those designers who loves to experiment, she creates art collections and out of the common rules of fashion.
Inspired by important contemporary architects, the collection features dresses with clean cuts and tailoring of the structures, but what really attracts and witch’s heart is the extreme femininity of each piece, the union of lines and chic style.

Details, colors, fabrics: everything enhances the body of fashion. Are you a woman? Well, this collection says “Be proud to be a woman”, be ironic, strong, with a lot of personality and able to dare.
My favorite piece is the dress you see below: simple, pure white, which contrasts with the soul “strong” acting within soaked. Me and my ankle boots we would be happy to wear it! Don’t miss the talent and style of this talent made ​​in Italy, Marta Ferrari.

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