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Be irreverent and seductive with Caia by Chiara Ferragni

Good Morning! Ok, i know, it’s Monday, and this is a tragedy for many people, but I think we need to start with right mood. And i think that topic of this article can help you to start the week with a smile on your face.

When Ale and I have seen that mail had arrived we thought it was a joke, but then it was not looking good, but in fact it was something that we liked. The brand of which I speak to you today belongs to one of the most well-known international bloggers, an Italian who has achieved success with her blog, The Blonde Salad

It’s with pleasure i show you Caia by Chiara Ferragni

These jewels are among the latest creations of the famous blogger. After her collection of shoes, jewelry, practically the first love of every woman!
The jewelry Caia, Ferragni’s nickname when she was a child, are irreverent, witty, very gritty, damn cool, exactly like Miss Ferragni. And what’s more irreverent than a bracelet or a ring with the word “fuck”?

Seductive and ironic lips, irreverent written or evocative, like muse, or sweet like “loveme or kissme”, chain plated gold and silver, precious stones such as agate: this is all over the world (shiny and fabulous) of Caia.

Collection, made in California, includes bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings that you can wear and play as you prefer. My interpretation would be to base “Muse” necklace with the set of three rings, vintage jeans, a “rock” black t-shirt, biker boots, leather jacket and a small-white shoulder bag with metallic detail.

Many say that the Ferragni “either love it or hate it”, or like me, you appreciate a well-made collection, a collection that brings to mind the streets of California and the spirit of “young-wild and free” California girls.

If you like “original” accessories, well, Caia by Chiara ferragni is perfect for you.

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