mercoledì, Settembre 22

Be iconic and express yourself with H&M Spring/Summer Collection

Good Saturday! The perfect day for shopping, or not? I remember when i was a teenager, i loved Saturday afternoon, i went out with my friends and shopping, with ice cream, was the best part. Oh, what good times! But if there is something that has not changed, over the years, is shopping, of course now more aware and not crazy, but there is.

When you say H&M in fashion world, many people think immediately “fast-fashion”, and maybe at the beginning it was true, but for many years now,the brand has proven to have what it takes to create collections really brilliant and complete.

Just like for latest spring/summer collection. It includes all seasonal trends, from flowers, leopard print, bright colors as red, lines and asymmetrical cuts, prints and colorful patterns, revisiting the classics such as the trench coat and chic-sporty-sensual jumpsuits.

What is striking about this collection, while fitting perfectly within the seasonal trends, is not obvious how many would have you believe. Each piece is perfectly matched with other pieces in the collection, so you have the chance to create many and various outfits, good for day and night. And is fashion not this too? The ability to create something new with what you already have?

You can be iconic with classic or basic pieces, but you can add your personal touch, you can express yourself. The quality is good, better than in the past, higher standard. New faces for advertising campaign. A success! How many low-cost brands can say the same thing?

Ps. if you want to know my favourite pieces, i’ll tell you: floral jersey dress. P-E-R-F-E-C-T! Ready to run to the store?

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