Happy Saturday!!! Ready for your Easter? I really hope so, i think i’ll eat too much, oh please no! I dance everyday with Zumba!! I do not know if you are planning some picnic, but this fashion accessories can help you, because they are useful and very cool. Leitmotiv backpacks and bags are too pretty, and if casual is not your style, but with this brand you can change your mind. Leitmotiv is an italian brand created by two creative men: Fabio Sasso, a mix of tailoring and Baroque, and Juan Caro, with a passion for the Gothic and continuous artistic research. The union of these styles, it is a brand born eclectic, explosive, something that enhances any outfit making it a special. For the next season, a mix of patterns, floral and colorful prints, fluorescent colors and sparkling, casual and vintage print, create a sporty yet chic collection, exuberant, fresh and youthful. Something you’d like to take with you and which you can not do without. Seeing these wonders, will you not want to have one of these bags with you during these holidays?!?!

Pictures: Maximilian Linz Press Office

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