Be a Princess with Pupart

Ever since I was a little girl, I remember one particular time attached to Christmas: a large store, lights, gleaming walls and a nice smell in the air, smell good, intriguing, tasty.

In front of me, on a large white wall, rows and rows of products that sembrvano toys. In fact, they were the palette of Pupa. They were of various sizes, colorful, attractive, so desirable that despite being a child and not very fond of the makeup I wanted too.

I’m grown now, but the feeling is still the same: every time I go out to go buy the first Christmas gifts, I always enjoy a ride in perfumery to look Pupa products

And also this year, Pupa did not disappoint me.

So you can imagine my joy when Pupa accepted The Auburn Girl in its press area. What joy! I was so thrilled (and i’m still thrilled right now).

Like every year, it did not disappoint my expectations, showing a sparkling collection, complete, absolutely perfect.

PUPA PRINCESS PUPART is a blend of femininity, glamor, color and elegance. Its packs are researched and valuable, small caskets magic, I dare say.  Every woman loves to feel like a princess, and this limited edition is a great way to be, thanks to its eye shadow, lipstick, mascara and all the beauty case that every woman wants.

Great gift ideas for yourself or for your loved ones, or those who, like me, make-up is a bit clumsy but when you see these things are converted to the “creed” of make-up.
Everyone deserves the right palette, and if you had to choose, I choose the first palette that you see in the post: It is simply perfect!

Be like a princess, thanks to Pupa!

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