Be a part of New York with latest Sodini Collection

Today, for me, it’s a special day: two of my dearest friends, who live far away, they come to me, and I am no longer in the skin for joy! I seem like Katy Perry in T.G.I.F song, and i think that for the first time in my life, i’m real happy for the fact that is Fridat! But well, one week ago i showed you latest Sodini Spring/Summer Colleciton, and if i remember well, i promised you to show fall/winter colleciton. So as you can see, i’m a good girl 😉
Do you know Frank Sinatra song, New York New York? 

Oh, i really adore listen that song during rainy days, with a glass of wine to keep me company. Well, i remembered this song when i saw for the first time the collection cause every part of it has the name of some areas of New York, as Harlem ( as the photo at the bottom of the post, said between us it’s my favorite piece, a piece so vintage!), Long Island, Queens, Coney Island,  Central Park, Times Square and many others. It’s like having a piece of NY with you, each section of the collection in part reflects the style of the area of which it takes its name, so if you wear a creation which is called Central Park, you’ll have a fine jewelery, whether it is instead a creation called Times Square, will certainly be a bit cool and cosmopolitan, one of those that you might find, say, Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar. Among different lengths, crystals, colored stones, precious or semi-precious stones, chains and unusual forms, the Italian brand knows what a woman wants to wear, especially during the cold seasons where appear under layers of wool is not exactly an easy task.
These creations are made ​​to shine like the lights of Manhattan, to impress as the Village, to seduce as only a city like NY can do. Remember? Sinatra sang, “I want to wake up the city that never sleeps.” And if you wore one of these creations, maybe a parure necklace-rings, there would seem wonderful to wake up and continue to live a dream, as though living in the city that never sleeps?

Pictures: Soldini Official

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