I’m a barbie girl, in a barbie world, Life in plastic, it’s fantastic! you can brush my hair, undress me everywhere. I’m a blond bimbo girl, in a fantasy world, Dress me up, make it tight, I’m your dolly. You’re my doll, rock’n’roll, feel the glamour in pink…”

Honestly, i have never thought that I would sing this song again. I was a young teenager, i listened to pop music, as BSB, Britney Spears, many others and occasionally, Aqua. This group sang Barbie Girl, it was silly song it was a song that everyone sang all around me, and then I’m honest, I played with Barbies, it was normal for me to sing this song almost always, almost anywhere. I never thought that at 25 years old, I would find myself singing it while I watched Moschino SS2015 Fashion Show. Seriously!?!?! 
Models on the catwalks ( too skinny) remembered me of all the barbie that I had and I wanted to have. The sports, the kitsch, the casual, the chic, the pop and the queen of disco, and of course the California gurl. And the barbie with roller skates? Ahh how I wanted it, but I never found it. At least Jeremy Scott has achieved a childhood dream of mine.

Pictures: Moschino / Style.com

Cristina Izzo

Editor in Chief of TheAuburnGirl. Former Fashion Editor of Quotidianomime.com

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