giovedì, Ottobre 29

Back to the Future, in the ’60, with Gianna Meliani

Good Friday pretty girls!! The heat has arrived, the beaches are full and I still have not gone for a swim in the sea, yes I know, I’m unlucky, but I promise you some photos from the public beach, so bear witness that there are human too! Do you remember what I said a few days ago? I found the email with some interesting collaborations, and then think, when a footwear brand wants to appear on your blog, that you would do? Having a PR who loves shoes, you can certainly understand the enthusiasm in publishing this brand. And then I love the vintage style that I really enjoyed this collection. I present to you Gianna Meliani Collection.

My grandmother had many vintage pieces dating back to the ’60s in her closet and I’ve always looked at them with wonder and interest. I find that the fashion of those years is delicate, refined, elegant, so chic and feminine, and the spring-summer collection of this Italian brand takes inspiration from that era. The shoes are flat, then you will understand my love for this line, and they vary in shapes and colors: pop prints, geometric patterns and optical dynamics can certainly not miss. Thes shoes, flat and sandals, are trapezoidal cut by the bright colors with square heel and ankle with a vintage. And my favorite pieces are precisely the tranchetti: polished, transparent, perfect to wear during the hot summer evenings. They, like the rest of the collection, an innovative spirit, are a celebration of rebellion, twist the rules to create something new, it is not always a good thing, but the change to stimulate creativity is a wonderful thing. This brand, which can certainly be among the excellence of Made in Italy, knows how to not go unnoticed.

Pictures: Studio Donatella Zini Milano

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