domenica, Maggio 16

Back to 90’s

I know what you are thinking, cause i repeat it to myself. It’s officially true: i’m obsessed with Topshop. But just to try to defend myself, it is not my fault if this brand always creates something fantastic ?!

Few days ago, i said to myself “Cris, it’s arrived the moment to talk about other brands, something new. Say goodbye to Topshop & Co”. Good will was there,  until I’m not accidentally come on Google plus page of the brand and what I find? The latest collaboration: Marques’Almeida for Topshop. Damn curiosity!! I was a young girl i nthe 90’s, i didn’t follow fashion world, my mother chose the clothes for me, but I was not so out of this world do not remember the trends of the time. So, when i saw this collection i remembered windows of the boutiques, there was so much denim, almost psychedelic colors and a strange desire to appear. Oh well then Britney Spears arrived on the scene, but this is an another story. I remember 90’s cause it was the time of pure friendship and life without thoughts, just like this collection but it has more vivid colors, parla and fabulous leather pencil skirt. Maybe, 90’s style is cooler than before.

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Pictures: Marques’Almeida for Topshop (Google Plus)

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