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Art and style inside Cultapparel

Hello world! While I was writing this post last night, I received an email that made me happy: i’m officially accredited for the London Fashion Week as the foreign press for the newspaper I work with. I mean, could i never be happier?!

I’ll go in the capitol of Street Style, one of the most eclectic, chameleon, stylish fashion capitals of the world. I see many fashion blogs, fashion site, all about fashion, and i read many times “street-style”, but not always these words are true. 

The street-style is a serious thing, it has its own rules, taking photos in the street does not always mean “street style”. Street-style is full of creativity and potential and a brand that knows the meaning of these words is definitely Cultapparel

Cult was started in London, in 2011, by two italian friends, and friendship is a great source of inspiration.
Their idea was to create something that was more than just fashion, until to be a movement that organizes events, exhibitions.

From all this creativity, was born in 2013 in Italy CultApparel. This brand, continually looking for style, originality and quality, creates clothing that go out from the usual canons of fashion, mixing colorful prints to black total. Conventional lines interpreted in a new way, creating eye-catching hypnotic effects.

I confess I’m in love with this brand sweatshirts, my obsession, because they have the “street-style” and glamour inside. Collection includes jackets, tshirt,accessories and more, but sweatshirts are not common, but they have something that makes you say “this is style”.

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