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All the glamor of American fashion inside iconic pieces of Sidney Evan

Hello pretty girls!! Coming home after a trip is always a traumatic experience, especially if like me you do not want to go home. Although, sometimes, when you come back you can find some surprises. Surprises that can be of various types. In my case, you are looking for a brand that wants time to appear on your blog. Now, for a writer / blogger what could be better?!  So girls, let’s go to the discovery of Sydney Evan Jewels, an US brand founded by Rosanne Karmes, in 2001.

Collections of this luxury brand are always live up to expectations, because they combine quality, glamor and precious materials, in short, those stones that we girls usually become crazy 😉 This brand is so cool so that it is a perennial A-list celebrity favourite, from Anne Hathaway, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Hudson, Elle Macpherson to Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez and even Ashton Kutcher to name but a few. The first time I saw this brand was when the actress Emma Watson wore the Hexagon Yellow Gold and Diamond Necklace: a simple necklace but with great visual impact. 
The collection of Sydney Evan (whose name derives from the union Karme Rosanne’s father and children’s names) are notable because they bring into the world of jewelry iconic symbols that are reinterpreted according to the seasons and the materials used, such as diamonds, coloured sapphires and gemstones set in 14 karat gold. Cherished images and traditional icons that exude serene spiritual karma, some of which are based on the key symbols of protection, luck and good fortune, have been translated into delicate yet eye-catching and timeless pieces of jewellery.
My favorite pieces are necklaces with pendant in the shape of the lips, that with “eyes” pendants,necklace hexagonal Emma Watson and bracelets enriched green stone pendants and others: details that make the difference.

ps. The collections are exclusively available at Harrods in the UK, Colette in Paris, Tsum in Russian and at Neiman Marcus nationwide with additional selected boutiques across the US. For more, discover all on

Pictures: M+M Management

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