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Good Sunday! Are you eating breakfast or are you preparing yourself for a brunch? While you read this post, it’s sure that I finally found 5 minutes of time for something that I do not do for a while: relax. Music, a good book or a good movie… oh yes, please!

Do you remember the post that I posted yesterday? Well, yesterday afternoon, while I wait to get out, I wandered through the web and I came back “to the roots”: Styligion

For many years, I follow the evolution of the style of its creative director, Micol Zanzuri, I believe that she is the person with more style than there is around. she’s very creative and original, and what could be more beautiful if not creativity? I follow her since she began with her “Fashion Attacks”.

Do you wanna know a good news? Sales are started!

Istanbul Print Mini Skirt

Grace Ivory Clutch

Mr BLAK Earrings

So, i saw too many nice, creative, stylish, you can add all the adjectives that you want, clothes and accessories.
 I have selected some things i would like to have in my wardrobe, but as you can see, every piece of clothing is versatile, in line with the latest trends, but it is not obvious or trivial, all garments are of excellent quality, there is more attention to details.
Some pieces of my personal “wish list” are also perfect for New Year’s Eve, as the purse that you see just below, or what do you think of Mr BLAK Earrings?
I’m crazy about all of them, I could do the folly of buying any of them to have it with me to London. Without some madness there would be no fun, don’t you?
Stay tuned with Styligion.com!

Knuckleduster Clutch Bag

Citrine Peplum Dress

Sweatshirt with Blue Cosmic Print
MAD WORLD Bodycon Dress
Arcade T-shirt Dress
Hilographic Black Punctured Dress
Nerdlinger Jumper