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A touch of Spring with Longchamps and Mulberry

Team Landon is preparing a new surpire for all of you, and I sincerely hope that you have enjoyed yesterday’s, Inglot is very special! But, today…

Ok, i lost the count how many times i told you how much i love bags. My “little” collection has been enriched by a new member, a beautiful black bag  by Mango. So thrilled!

But today i just want to talk with you about a brand that reminds me of my teenage years: Longchamps. When i was 16 years old, my “big brother” P. gave me a Longchamps bag and it was love at first sight: it’s small, black fabric, with the closure and handles of leather, I use it very often but it’s still there, perfect as always.

So, when I saw the first pictures of the new campaign of Longchamps, I could not resist the idea of ​​sharing all this with you.

Alexa Chung, english rose, it-girls, model, writer of a book, is the new face of the entire 2014 season, she will be  the face of Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter 2014 campaigns.
Miss Chung has been chosen because she embodies the prototype of the girl modern and chic, strong and , exactly like Longchamps Bags.

With her innate charm, Alexa Chung gave an added value to the entire country, not allowing in the shadow the real protagonists of the campaign in the real protagonists of the campaign.
Bags are in tune with the seasonal colors; their harmonic lines, simple and elegant, make them the  perfect allies for every woman.

I just cannot wait to see the entire collection! In the meantime, You and me will comfort ourself with these images.

But news are not over… 

British brand Mulberry has announced, yesterday, a collaboration with British heritage brand Mackintosh. Their “plan” plan to create something that every woman would like to have: the perfect raincoat.

This object of desire (which I very much would like to have!) will have specific characteristics: signature flower buttons and check lining by Mulberry, classic Mackintosh shape. In a nutshell, the best British style and tradition can offer! Watch the video on Mulberry Channel 

In the midst of so much good news, there is a but: for this wonderful raincoat, we have to wait until January 2014, because this coat is part of Spring/Summer 2014 Collection!

But if you, like me, cannot wait, you must know that from Friday 6 December a limited edition version with polka-dot sleeves and Mulberry buttons will be available exclusively on . It would not be a perfect Christmas gift?!

Mark the date on your calendar and start doing the countdown!!

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