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A “touch of California” and style by Christian Pellizzari

I’m very happy, today because i can share with you an another of my passion. Thanks to a blogger-friend, it’s a bit of time that I developed an interest in men’s fashion, and I usually take a walk in the male ward of some shops and eshops. I like being able to mix masculine and feminine and create something unique: a sweatshirt male, a short-lace skirt and ankle boots, it sounds great!

Today, here on TAG, i want to share with you Christian Pellizzari, a young fashion talent, much appreciated for its versatile creations. For two years now, the designer of Treviso has launched his womenswear collection.

I could not be more pleased to see finally made ​​clothes that reflect my taste 100%!!!! So thrilled!

Drawing inspiration from a long trip in sunny Pacific Costal Highway, from San Francisco to Los Angeles, the designer presents his vision of woman, before fashion: a passionate woman, lover of life, a professional who can just run away, maybe for a ride on the waves or running on her skateboard.

As a result, her clothes reflect her way of being. Apparently, there isn’t an apparent sense or any criteria, but it’s this madness that creates a new style, unmistakable, wild, fresh and unique.

Colors, culture, landscapes and tastes of California are displayed on all the clothes, in a clear and decisive way: a well-defined mood that “breathes” through every item of clothing.

The sweatshirts (that i adore!!), trend of the season, have a taste of street-style, and they are made with materials and unusual fantasies, super cool and icon of this easy-chic collection. The jackets have a completely emptied and deconstructed appeal easy to carry, this makes them portable to a wide and heterogeneous audience, able to mix and play with these clothes.

There is also space for evening dresses, wild and chic just like Sunset Boulevard, with a touch of gold in leather skirts and jackets rock .

New shapes, quality materials and new ideas of “fashion” make this a winning collection (I would love to wear! I know, I’ve never been so shameless, but what can I do if I fell in love?! Ever heard of love at first sight?)
All the collections are available on Christian Pellizzari Site

My favorite!

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