A Sunday color with nail polish for the P / E 2014

Happy Sunday pretty ladies! While you’re reading this post, your favorite writer (I hope so XD) is in the car for a morning on the road. Sun, the right music, and the perfect place to have breakfast. A beautiful Sunday morning =)
I have recently devoted more care to my nails, and being more settled, I began to use different colors, shades darker to lighter ones, even if the carmine is without a doubt my favorite. So, I looked on the web to see what are the colors “must” for this hot season, and what the most popular brands. Let’s see

The most popular colors are certainly those who recall the world of nature: many collections are composed of shades of pink, purple and red accents. Soft and romantic pastel tones contrast with metallic glow and pearlescent finish. The best pastel shades are found in brands like Essie, with elegant colors for the collection Hide & Go Chic, Deborah Lippmann, with five colors and a creamy pastel pink encrusted with glitter, Mavala, which focuses on romantic colors of spring flowers with Spring Romance , and Cotton Candy nail polish by Sephora. Colors that remind the world of nature are brands like Chanel, who prefers red, with Tapage, and the dark purple Charivari. Givenchy focuses on fuchsia, with its polish Le Vernis Rose Addiction, Dior takes inspiration from flowers with fuchsia and coral Bloom Bouquet, along with soft blue Porcelaine. Tom Ford chooses bright and airy colors, with red Indiscretion and brilliant beige. Have fun coloring your nails with bright colors, colorful, and bold color combinations. Be inspired by nature!! The important thing is that they are the most fun and playful colors that there are. Happy Sunday =)

Autore dell'articolo: Cristina Izzo

Editor in Chief of TheAuburnGirl. Former Fashion Editor of Quotidianomime.com

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