martedì, Ottobre 20

A romantic white lace dress for a special day

Good morning girls!! Yesterday was really hell, I think it was a day to be counted among the most horrific. I’d rather forget! As I am sure you know by now, last week I went to the wedding of my cousin Alessandro, at Lurago d’Erba, near Como. A really lovely place, it will be that I love the backdrop of the mountains and the beauty of those places I hit a lot. Being a wedding day, the choice of outfit was not exactly, how can i say, a  “walk”. Many factors to consider, primarily the weather, and then also the place. Fortunately my inner guidance for shopping dared not gave me a little hint. A little white lace dress. You know that I generally do not publish my outfits ever, apart from that I organize photo shoots, but this is the exception that proves the rule, right?

Yeah, last season, during the sales period, wandering around the web, I came across a lovely and romantic lace dress from Asos. I did not know if I would have used, but it can happen a special occasion, so I said “why not?”. So with minimal expense, I got a maximum result. I had never even worn this dress, then you will understand that I could not wait to wear it! Being a very special dress, all lace and with his back completely naked, with a slight transparency on top of the front, I decided that accessories should be minimal but elegant. Then, two simple pearl earrings and two bracelets of pearls of different sizes, sandalie and shiny black clutch. I wanted to create an outfit simple but very stylish, cool, and slightly romantic, just like I like it. And I know, many of you will say to me, “a white dress for the wedding?”. Well the dress is cream-colored and then I find the white very suitable for a wedding celebrated in the morning. Ahh, just for the record, I have the bride’s bouquet! Not being ended the season of weddings, here I leave you some idea of ​​”low cost” signed Asos, hoping that you can help, and ricodate: Less is more!

Pictures: Me, taken with Canon Eos 1100 D
Dress: Asos
Makeup: Kiko Cosmetic Official
Earrings-Bracelets: Bijou Brigitte

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