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A red carpet collection signed by Uel Camilo

Good Friday girls! It’s a time of choices and changes for the blog and for me. I do not know about you, but I often, indeed almost always, I’m afraid to choose, simply because I’m afraid of making the wrong choice, because I want to make things better. But you have to learn how to choose, to make decisions. Or, as in my case, to decide what to change, if you change, or what to publish. You know, it is not always easy to deal with the brand, with press offices, so we must learn to choose with whom to deal with and so apubblicare. And I have chosen, with great joy, to publish today this brand, Uel Camilo, an Italian brand that is making its mark in the fashion industry for its unique style and its high quality.

This valuable collection that I show here makes you wish the arrival of the next cold season. This is the first truly complete collection created by the brand after two capsule collection, this consists of sixty pieces, and is distinguished by its glamorous style, typical of the Brazilian designer. The clothes are all made with quality materials and made ​​in Italy, such as silks, velvet, jacquard. The young designer Uel Camilo is so accustomed to the high quality and haute couture thanks to his experience and his passion and knowledge of the Italian couturier, and in particular by Valentino. 
The clothes have presented strong lines, which accompany the silhouette, and forms semplci, because simplicity can be very elegant. There are plenty of caftans, the brand’s iconic pieces, with butterfly sleeves and one-shoulder dresses suits, cocktail dresses. Crepe silk antique rose fading into black, blend perfectly to create something unique, or it is dubbed in geometric lace.
This collection reminds me of the great divas of the past, elegant even when they wore a simple suit. I see real elegance, devoid of superficiality and want to appear, that elegance that has made iconic women such as Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn. An elegance that recalls the past but able to keep up with the present and dictate trends for the future.
And if you know me a little, you know that the outfit over here is my favorite, the epitome of perfection.


Pictures: Uel Camilo Press Office

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