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A new way of seduction signed by Alberto Zambelli

Good Monday!!!! This weekend, I received many emails from many of you, in which you have shown me all of your support. Thanks you! Thanks to be always with me, for your support and love! If i write, it’s because of you! Thanks!
But now, you know, it’s moment for fashion. Milan Fashion Week is in full swing, and yesterday afternoon at Clerici Palace, it was presented to the press the latest collection of a talented and innovative italian designer: Alberto Zambelli.

Zambelli, who works and lives between Milan, Tokyo and Shangai, has given a new twist to the collection. His collection for fall/winter 2014/15 is a pure example of the seductive art.
On a journey into the world of women, deisgner looks for beauty, and he discover through perfect lines that meet the most exciting minimalism. The clothes attract due to the inherent sensuality, catching the eye with their beam of pure light.
The color palette refers to the tones of nature in its purest states, such as carmine red, green forests and pale yellow. The fabrics such as cashmere, alpaca-silk, break the surface and harmonize with the details of Swarovski. A nature that goes towards winter in its most brilliant and exemplary way.
Elegance is different but attractive, broken only by the sneakers with double platform, signed by Paloma Barcelo.
This talented Italian fashion designer certainly knows how to stand out.

Pictures: Maximilian Linz Press Office

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